Who can take part in the study?

Individuals who...

*See next question

If you have questions about whether you can take part in the study, please get in touch with us. We always want to hear from people who are interested, so call 919-966-4277 or email with any questions.

Will the UNC Engage study focus on other care settings besides assisted living?

Yes. Even though our study specifically identifies assisted living care by name, we want to learn broadly about non-medical, residential, long-term care settings all over the country. Licensed residential care settings may go by any of the following names, or others:

How long will the Engage study be interviewing people?

The study team will conduct interviews and the online survey will be available through the summer of 2020.

Beginning in fall 2020, a small group of participants will be invited to take part in a series of 4 focus group sessions. The study team will invite individuals from all participant categories to take part in the focus groups. The purpose of the sessions is to provide feedback to the research team and help create a guide for families and assisted living communities to use. Participants will receive cash gift cards for their time. Contact the study team if this interests you.

What happens to the answers I share in the interview?

Your personal information is not recorded with with your interview or survey answers or surveys. The study team will combine all interview responses and use this “grouped” information to design a toolkit (a set of resources, educational materials, and readings). The toolkit will be used by assisted living communities to address common care issues and improve family and resident engagement. Focus group participants will help develop and test this toolkit.