The UNC Engage Study wants to make it easier for residents and families to get involved in their assisted living care. By asking residents, families and assisted living professionals, we are learning how families and residents select an assisted living facility, common safety issues in assisted living, and hearing real experiences of how residents, staff and families get involved in assisted living.

If you are in one of the participant groups we described, you may be able to take part in a one-time 30-minute interview.

Interviews take place by phone or internet call. A cash gift card is provided for taking part in the study.

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For Professionals Only:

We offer assisted living professionals (someone who works in assisted living or a related position) a 15-minute online survey about their opinions and experiences. Taking the online survey is anonymous and you will receive a cash gift card for finishing it. Please contact the project manager for access to the online survey.

It is your choice to take part in the study. All answers will be private and only shared with the study team without your name attached to your answers. Please contact our study staff for more information.